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No financing, no project, and no project means no company.

Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros helps you optimise your company’s financial structure. We can provide solutions to:

  • Obtaining financing lines for the company appropriate to its real needs.
  • Refinancing and/or renegotiating current financing.
  • Analysis of banking relationships and action proposals aligned with the company’s immediate needs and strategic plans.
  • Monitoring company relationships with financial institutions. Controlling and negotiating banking costs.
  • Optimising the company’s banking transactions and conditions.
  • Restructuring guarantees provided to banks (personal or corporate).
  • Support in financing investment and working capital. Support in growth processes.
  • Financing new business projects.
  • Helping the company develop its growth project, incorporating new shareholders within a very clear timeframe:
    • Risk capital funds: domestic or international with their different approaches.
    • Private capital funds
    • Family offices.
    • Business Angels.


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