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Here at Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros we consider accounting management to be the first step towards acquisition of decision-making information.

We also treat compliance with the applicable fiscal, commercial and labour-related legislation with the maximum professional rigor.

  • Outsourcing functions in the financial field: accountancy, administration, tax and labour-related matters and trade commitments:
    • General, up-to-date accounting.
    • Regular domestic and international reporting.
    • Compliance with tax obligations (VAT, personal income tax, corporate tax, Intrastat, etc.).
    • Salaries and Social Security.
    • Drafting and submission of annual financial statements and management report.
  • Support for company formation. Business plan. Starting up companies.
  • Client collection management.
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    Accounting and administrative management services

    Accounting and administrative management

    • Financial information systemization. Drafting regular financial reports.
    • Accounting and financial consultancy.
    • Provision of experienced personnel to compensate for staff shortages in the financial area.
    • Economic and treasury budget preparation.
    • Analytical accounting by project, product and client.
    • Cost control.
    • Company domiciliation.
    • Comprehensive holding company.

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